The evolving anthology

Mahima Pushkarna
1 min readJan 27, 2017

An evolving list of short reads, examples and views on information design, visual design, design and the art of data visualization from all across the web (and medium).

From the Web

An Interview with Amanda Cox

Perception in Visualization, Christopher Healey

Data Portraits, Judith Donath, Alex Dragulescu, Aaron Zinman, Fernanda Viégas, Rebecca Xiong

Cartogram Home, Ian Bortins and Steve Demers under the direction of Dr. Keith Clarke. Note: This website was last updated in 2002.

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning, Stephanie Yee and Tony Chu; An excellent example of the use of visualizations to explain machine learning by integrating a strong narrative.

7 data visualization types you should be using more by Evan Sinar on medium

Spotify’s data blog, Spotify Insights: a powerhouse of their experiments

Understanding Stacked Bar Charts: The Worst or the Best? by Vitaly Radionov on Smashing Magazine


Mlodinow, Leonard. Subliminal: How your unconscious mind rules your behavior. Vintage, 2012.

Jacobson, Robert. Information design. MIT press, 2000.

Norman, Donald A. The design of everyday things: Revised and expanded edition. Basic books, 2013.



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